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Red eared sliders will only lay eggs when they find a suitable nesting site. Where can you learn more about red eared sliders. At the time that salmonellosis was a major disease concern, the slider was the most common type of turtle kept as a pet in the united states. Net groups for criticizing red eared slider secrets through all elements honestly. A great risk faced by pet owners that keep the red-eared slider is that they may be silent carriers of salmonella, which is very contagious especially if there are young children in the house. The pet slider turtles are often released into the environment by their owners after outgrowing or outliving their welcome. Want your red eared slider to be a vegetarian. The other three are big bend sliders, yellow-bellied sliders, and cumberland sliders. Their survival capabilities, keeping the red-eared slider limited in the. Red eared slider secrets the red eared slider secret manual review – does it scam or truly work. Shipping your red eared slider turtle. Red-eared slider basking on a floating platform under a sunlamp. Because sliders are agile climbers, be sure to include a screen top to prevent escape. Red eared slider secrets gives real results in a few days. Sliders in general are frequent baskers who pile on top of each other if “hauling out” sites are few. In addition, pet sliders carry diseases that can infect native turtles. Red eared slider secrets review. Sliders get their name by sliding into the water when threatened. These commercially made products should not be more than 25% of the red eared sliders food supply though. I have first-hand experience breeding red-eared sliders, and i am willing to teach you everything that i have learned over the years. Now, some might have a pet red eared slider that has lasted only a few months or years before reaching the end of its lifespan. In this book, i will also tell you about some of the more advanced issues surrounding red-eared sliders, including:. Red-eared sliders are popular pets in the u. We have been investigating red eared slider secrets for a few weeks and it carried out perfectly in our checks. The care of a slider should be left up to an adult because of the commitment involved in keeping the tank clean and feeding the turtle. Red eared slider turtle back to the store owner. Red eared sliders originated in the southern united states but can now be found all over the u. Slider and map turtle relationship. Red eared slider turtle myths. Red eared sliders become sexually mature when they become 5″ and up. Due to this fact, red-eared sliders have been the most neglected and abandoned turtle. Sliders in the wild can still be negatively impacted by human-caused habitat destruction and the draining of wetlands for development like many wetland. Your red-eared slider is vomiting anything apart from food from a current meal, particularly if frequent. The waystation is home to over a dozen red-eared sliders, mostly from private owners who no longer had adequate space to house them.  the baby red eared slider was readily available and inexpensive in the 1950`s which resulted in many turtles being badly neglected. All sightings of red eared slider turtles must be reported to biosecurity queensland within 24 hours of the sighting. In the past sliders were classified as genus. Habitat for your turtle red eared slider turtles. Make sure that there are no pesticides on the food that one is giving a red eared slider. This species gets its name from the red stripe behind its eye, and its habit of sliding off rocks or logs into the water when it is startled. Los angeles winters are mild, but still cool enough for the sliders to brumate. Understanding red eyed tree frog care and health. The fourth way that one can use to determine the gender of a red eared slider would be the front nails of a slider. Red-eared slider ready to lay eggs.  red ears make wonderful pets being one of the hardiest chelonians available in the pet trade and at one point in time was exported in numbers as high as 10 million annually. This variety in their diet is part of what defines the red slider turtles and insures their health. We read that red eared sliders don't have saliva, and have to eat in the water, but now i'm not sure that this is true. Once you have determined that the female red eared slider is ready for breeding it would be a good idea to get a separate tank at first for breeding and if the breeding goes successfully you should be able to adjust this tank for the babies later. This theory is a mistake; as the turtle may ingest them (which is bad) or they may look small as babies red eared sliders. How to choose a veterinarian for red-eared slider turtle care. You should always be sure you’re feeding your red eared slider healthy, clean food, though. Red eared slider carrots not only is it unhealthy foods. Sliders are not found in ca. Two red-eared slider turtles have been found in the act, one an escaped pet and the other was living in a dam near the murrumbidgee river. My red-eared slider is now happier than ever. In general, their care is similar to that of sliders and painted turtles. ‘red eared slider secrets’ it isn’t just helpful information although a whole package talking about various choices which you could keep your brand new slider. These difficult questions may have even the most experienced red-eared slider owners stumped. All about the male red-eared slider's attempt to attract the attention of the female. Turtle and i was wanting to keep it in the same tank as my red eared. There are also other places where you can find great advice about turtle red eared slider care and other pet turtle aids. Baby red eared slider turtle. Red-eared slider turtles can survive in the wild in the waikato region, but the current climate is considered unsuitable for their reproduction. Apart from leafy greens and plants, it is also fine to occasionally feed your red-eared sliders other fruits and vegetables. Because sliders eat many of the same foods as native turtles, biologists are concerned that these hungry newcomers could out-compete existing wetland inhabitants. There are many plan like red eared slider secrets in today’s market. 0 is best for red-eared sliders, while ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate should all be at or very close to. The problem with red eared sliders is that they are quite good at living in non-native habitats, and they end up thriving in them.

Red Eared Slider Secrets

Red-eared sliders' upper shells, or carapaces, also often look somewhat different from each other. How much & how often should i feed my baby red eared slider turtle. Red-eared slider turtles get their name from the small yellow to red ‘dash’ around their ears. Our critique team had similar thoughts about all goods but after checking out red eared slider secrets, we’re very confident about it’s reliability. Red-eared slider turtles became a popular pet animal because of its small size (as a juvenile), simple husbandry requirements and reasonably low price. Red eared slider secrets is really a versatile, feature-packed item that’s additionally extremely simple to use, which indicates it’s prone to be utilized. My red ear slider leo, had an adjustment period to it as did i. Before i read red eared slider secrets, my turtle would always hide when i tried to take him out of his enclosure. I swear to god the following red eared slider secrets reviews is my real experience with the site. They also have a red patch behind their eye. Probably want to know about on turtles – decide to get red eared turtle’s diet will also give you the satisfaction that you’re all comfortable. I bought it only recently, expecting to know already most of the facts covered, as i am already a red-eared slider owner. But if your slider is sick, it should be kept in a slightly warmer temperature. Because red eared sliders are water turtles, they’re naturally found in small rivers or ponds and often will eat whatever they can find or scavenge in water, and which will fit in their mouth. Assess the red eared slider’s behavior. But if you take red-eared slider eggs and incubate them at 78. When feeding your red eared sliders need to change your new home. The eyes of a red-eared slider should be bright and clear without any cloudy fluids or discharge. Even though red-eared sliders that are kept as pets will be quite personable and are known for swimming up to their owners and asking for food, these attractive turtles are also easily startled. Diet - red eared sliders are omnivores, meaning they eat a mixture of animal and plant material. Red- ear slider my uncle works for the water dept and last. Avoid keeping your slider in a room that is too cold and don’t let the water get too cold either, you’ll be endangering your pet’s life. Red-eared sliders can be easily purchased from your local pet shop for as low as a few dollars. Description : have you always wanted a red-eared slider turtle for a pet, but didn't have enough information on where to buy one or how to raise it. Red-eared sliders are a turtle species native to water habitats of some southern areas of the united states and parts of north east mexico. If you are in the process of learning how to care for your red ear slider hatchling, you are probably already enthralled by the cute wonder of your new tiny pet. The state will allow owners to keep red-eared sliders bought before that date, provided they have a permit from fwp. More on red-eared slider turtle diet. Offering it early on could make it less likely that you slider will shy away from trying vegetation as it ages. The carapace lacks red coloring. Sliders need to eat larger amounts of protein you have it. It's hard to say it is different ones every year, but it looks to me like the red-eared slider is learning when to hibernate or go into a state of torpor when winter comes to awaken come spring. Adult red eared slider turtle. I'm caring for my daughter's slider while she's off in college. Failure to heed these warning signs could surely shorten the lifespan of a red eared slider.    when they find a really good basking site, sliders will stack one on top of the other to compete for the “hot spot”. For more tips, get instant access to our famous "betta fish secrets" mini-course. In place where ears should be, the adolescent turtle gains red markings around his head, thus comes the name "red-eared". Earlier this year, based on a recommendation from the montana exotic species and classification committee, the montana fish & wildlife commission approved the classification of the red-eared slider turtle as "prohibited" in montana. While some red-eared slider don’t seem to mind being picked up and handled, it is generally safer for your pet to be kept in his cage. Rear edge of shell is smooth, not serrated, and usually marked with red. Newly purchased red eared slider since the sides of  his. What to do if your red-eared slider goes missing. Exotic pets: information on aquatic turtles & tortoises including a few articles specific to red-eared sliders. What if my red-eared slider refuses to feed anything. Accurately determine that size of the enclosure that you need for your red-eared slider by cutting out all of the guess work. Red-eared sliders get their name from the small red stripe around their ears. Raccoon(s) eat a red ear slider turtle that is approx 8" in size. However if you’re feeding your slider they tend to get a look however you’ll refer to for years.   i have two little red eared sliders that my brother won. In order to make caring for your red-eared slider even easier, i am going to offer you a special. Red eared sliders are actually found all over the world. The name "slider" refers to the quick retreat from their basking site into the water when they feel even the slightest bit threatened. Actual photo of the red-eared slider turtles  in cebu zoo. Red-eared sliders are hardy & encounter a range of temperate climates across their range, making them excellent specimens for a year-round outside enclosure (if it's deep enough) in most of the southern & central united states & other countries with comparable climate. Sliders have fairly powerful jaws and can injure smaller turtles (i. I think you should stick with the green red-eared sliders - they are hardy, cheap and needing a home. The red-eared slider can be broken down into two parts. Can one secret stop two broken hearts from mending. Enough space – sliders are fresh water turtle be sure that your turtles red eared slider is up to 40 years or more information about how to care for your turtle is an. If that hasn’t helped after a few days, repeat this process and add just a little bit of chamomile to the water and rinse your red eye. Ear infections from poor water quality are recognized as large bumps behind your turtle's eye and need to be addressed by your exotics vet. Red eared slider baby care aspect of caring for your turtle.   wild populations of red-eared sliders are not considered at risk of extinction due to their large numbers and wide geographic range. If you want to understand more about red eyed tree frog care it will help to also understand a little bit more about them in general. Practice in incubating albino res but rarely used for other sliders. In an overcrowded tank, not only do the red-eared sliders must compete for space and food, diseases can easily spread from one to another. The area that is set up for a red eared slider turtle to bask should between 90-95 degree fahrenheit and the lighting should be well secured to avoid any electrical problems that may occur. Another probable indicator to determine the sex of your red-eared slider will be the size. Extremely common in the pet trade, the slider has been introduced around the world, prompting some biologists to label it as “the reptilian norway rat”. So somewhere along the way the idea got out that its okay to keep highly active animals like red eared sliders in small cages. Follow these steps below to download red eared slider secrets:. The united states have their own thriving populations of red-eared sliders. Check out the red eared slider secrets today and dramatically extend the life of your turtle while making it a better life to live at the exact same time. Breed red-eared sliders just like a pro. Long-eared owl | audubon field guide. Sliders that are currently being kept in a 10 gallon tank. Because of the pet trade and mass production of red eared slider turtles, it is not recommended to breed red ear sliders. There are some unique turtle traits that can help you determine if a red-eared slider is the right pet, or even the right turtle, for you. You see, the author behind this program – the red eared slider secrets – has been breeding these kinds of turtles for more than a decade now. The red-eared slider can live 50-70 years. After using red eared slider secrets, we are so impressed that we did not hesitate to give our testimonials on it. Red-eared slider turtles require a diet that consists of a mixture of both meat and plant. Basking areas for red eared sliders should be kept at 82-85 degrees fahrenheit. Now, it is illegal in florida to sell any wild-type red-eared slider, as they interbreed with the local yellow-bellied slider population –. Own a 5-1/2 year old red eared slider. Really bloated    5/2/06 i have a red ear slider for. Red-eared slider adults have a dark brown to olive colored carapace (top shell), with a yellow, patterned plastron (belly shell). But when we heard about the money backrefund offer from red eared slider secrets, we were tempted to try it out. Some turtles may also have a small patch of red on top of their heads. Ear abscesses are ear infections that cause not only swollen eyes and swimming issues, they also cause the turtle to form lumps on one or both sides of the head. Finally to say you can safely download red eared slider secrets below from our special discounted link. What kind of filter do red eared sliders need. ” mexico, japan and france are but a few of the countries to which red-ears are shipped as pets and subsequently released into the wild. Feed them turtle pellets and chicken and occasionally red meat. Feeding: red eared sliders are omnivores, eating feeder fish, worms and shrimp as meat, and aquatic plants as well as leafy greens, carrots and green beans as vegetables. There are worries that the red-eared slider. Red-ear sliders become large as adults, they produce a lot of waste and need a lot of filtration, they don’t get along well with other aquarium dwellers, and they are often biters. The red-eared slider originated from the area around the mississippi river and the gulf of mexico, in warm climates in the southeastern corner of the united states. The red eared slider lifespan, if properly cared for, has been known to stretch into multiple decades. Shrimp, rosy reds, guppies and calcium powder. Red-eared sliders may be housed in 20 to 55-gallon aquariums. Will logan be devoured by this secret, or can he find the strength to conquer it with alisa’s help. Red eared slider secrets – the red eared slider secret manual. Grasp the turtle's head behind the ears (base of skull) and extend the neck completely.

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Overall, this floating dock works well but as my red-eared slider getting bigger and bigger, it tends to sink. Hi, i have a red eared slider and a softshell turtle together in an. So, do red-eared sliders make good pets. The zoomed gives off uva, but not uvb. Shade from orange to deep red. My red eared slider seems to be quite swollen all. Working with it often is the only way which you can discover doubtlessly if it is going to meet its statements and if is going to work for you. I believe that this same process will help transform that meat into a more pleasant product. An enclosure for your red-eared slider. We have the money to get them checked out, we just want to be sure before hand. These chelonians are medium to large fresh water inhabitants with a distinct and very prominent red marking along the side of the head starting behind the eye will generally reach 9-11 inches long. Test my techniques with your own red-eared slider. “the red-eared slider was the turtle that received the majority of the negative publicity. There are other turtles live in this pond, a small and very similar in size to the one you see in the video two. Red-eyed tree frogs are insectivores that eat moths, crickets, flies, and other insects and they mostly feed at night time. A proper diet is essential to prolonging the life of your red-eared slider. They are present on all continents except antarctica. Keeping red-eared sliders as pets. Picks made from natural materials. I wrote these little children. Okay, i will admit it – i love red-eared sliders. The red eared sliders can live for a long time, if properly cared for. Younan nowzaradan, md webmd physician. At the same time, trump’s daughter, ivanka, and her husband, jared kushner, serve as senior advisers to the president, and they and their children are also afforded secret service protection. Radish leaves – another tasty choice for your slider is safe and healthy but they can simultaneously. Sliders require a source of uvb radiation. We plan on getting a. It was shell rot but it's not soft or fuzzy and it hasn't. Spring creek is a beautiful clear creek. [4] yellow-bellied sliders are popular as pets. A rock in the tank for your turtle to climb up and bask on will normally do the trick. As they grow older, their digestive system will not be as strong as when they were younger. Without any research, i bought my slider, carlo, and brought him home and put him in a small beta fish tank. If you seriously want to keep a turtle, look into something other than a red ear slider. Larger females can lay up to 30 eggs at a time. It is illegal for sliders under 4 inches to be sold, however many pet stores and other places still sell tiny turtles. Sliders sleep at night underwater, usually resting on the bottom or floating on the surface, using their inflated throat to help them float. Red eared slider secrets is easy to use. There are reports of rare cases of g. Now that you know about red eared sliders be sure to find out more about what do turtles eat. What kind of things round out the red eared slider diet. Swollen ears: infection of one or both external ear canals may accompany chronic respiratory disease in turtles. Our analysis team had similar thoughts about all items but after trying out red eared slider secrets, we are very confident about it’s reliability. In sufficient amounts and of sufficient cleanliness and purity, do the. A few months later we saw a small tortoise off the pier, near where we had released it. Because they can get quite large and prefer lots of room to roam, these turtles do best in a large aquarium or terrarium. As with the care of any pet, red eared slider care involves a certain amount of know-how to make sure your turtle has a long healthy life. The sun exposure helps rid them of parasites. Turtle mixes is it ok for a snapper turtle and a red eared. How often should i feed my red-eared slider. Red-eared sliders spend the winter at the bottom of. Freshwater turtles decided in their infinite wisdom to do the next best thing when the turtle became too big or even had gotten sick. You are a special person. Additional resources for red-eared slider owners. Before you even head out to get your pet red-eared slider, you should already have all aspects of your turtle habitat you need already set up completely at your home. The forty gallon turtle dock is the only way to go for my 8 inch adult red eared slider. Red-eared sliders drink and absorb water while they swim so it is vital that a high water quality is maintained. Discoloration, bumps or spots on shell or skin. Most people understanding at least that these were. Reading red eared slider secrets calmed all of my fears. Uvb bulbs should be provided for this purpose. Because of this, there are many laws and regulations on the sale, trade, and import of red eared sliders around the world. Your gift certificate and personal message can be sent to your recipient in minutes, allowing them to click and enjoy your gift. Eared - related image & keywords suggestions. Intestinal parasites:  a wide variety of intestinal parasites are found in water turtles, including roundworms, tapeworms and flukes. No bubbles around the mouth. With the cloaca closer to the tip of the tail. Blood appearing around the mouth area or its gums can indicate a vitamin k deficiency, stomatitis (see below) and injury likely due to trying to eat something it shouldn't have. “my younger brother and i bought them at woolworth’s,” she says. These picks are hand crafted at red bear trading company. Male red-eared sliders are smaller than females, but they have longer tails. I can't comment really on how well they work as a food, but even gut fed crickets are low nutritionally speaking. Also the red eared slider (. You can even pick these from your own turtle remember that it is as pure as possible. The red-eared slider is perhaps the best known and most. Vegetarian meal plan vegetarian meal plan search now. Red eared slider a variety of sources. The red ear slider turtle can have a fickle appetite and won’t eat when it’s stressed. Large, flat rocks, and other smooth surfaces such as logs and sandbars may be found around the turtles environment; sliders use these to bask. These are things you will really want to consider before deciding if this is truly a pet you want to pursue. In order to totally comprehend the purpose red-eared sliders require such unique care and interest, it’s important to learn as a lot about them as possible, beginning with their origin. How big do terrapins get. You can offer your slider all the room it needs to be large enough you. If you have feed meat to your red-eared sliders, we suggest that you feed them in a separate feeding tank. Yellow-bellied slider turtle photos - trachemys scripta | arkive. The problem could be a simple one like an infection in the ear, or even simpler, such as ear wax. If the female is receptive then she will accept the male red eared slider and they will start mating. The shell of a healthy red-eared slider turtle should be hard and smooth with no cracks or chips along the edges. Her favorite plant, the anacharis bunch. Again we have great resources available to you on this site. Give them some kale or. Red eared slider secrets user review:. The smallest of the sliders sport shells about the size of a drink coaster. On the basking light at night. The male red eared slider cloaca is located closer to the tip of the tail. Our sliders lead a peaceful life. Caramel pink albino red eared sliders are the result of nearly 20 years of very patient selective breeding for very beautiful color traits in albino red eared sliders. Oodimium is also the first sign of red leg disease in your red eye tree frog. Clean warm water, well-balanced vitamin enriched food, and a basking. Be careful upon setup, that your betta cannot get its fins stuck at the point of air intake and that the filter is set at a fairly low level. In fact, at one time they were even sold in dime stores. [35] which has led to restrictions in the sale of red-eared sliders in the usa. Is a 3 1/2 inch red-eared slider. Believe it or not, almost all red eared sliders can live between 45 and 60 years – but the overwhelming majority of them will not live any longer than two years for a handful of really simple, really straightforward, and really easy to avoid mistakes you don’t ever have to make again. That his skin dies and starts peeling and i have to make him get back. Her and her husband are owned by their attack bugg, and her two red eared slider turtle minions who live in the backyard. The release of non-native red-eared sliders into local environments caused the state of florida to ban the sale of red-eared sliders in order to protect the native population of yellow-bellied sliders. There is alos red ear mark located just behind the. Tips for caring for your red eared slider. For greens, turtles enjoy dandelion leaves, and green- and red-leaf lettuce. The re-eared slider loves to be kept in warm waters, and will usually forego food if it is too cold or stressed. Very small and easy to take care of.   unfortunately, although the yellow ear has. Lakes or ponds or your tank to avoid predators like coyotes, foxes, owls, hawks, possums, raccoons and even some wide mouth bass and us humans. The post quoted a person familiar with secret service budget discussions as saying the request for $60 million of additional funding was submitted in late february, before being turned down as excessive. Thinner nylon picks will wear and shatter easily. We have tried our best bet is to visit garage sales. These turtles will be lighter and will feature varying levels of yellow and red. How to get your enclosure ready to take care of your red-eared slider hatchlings. Feeding it the red eared slider turtle. Turtles – how long will it take a red eared slider to lay eggs once …. Red: historic california distribution of mohave desert tortoise. (occasionally this stripe is missing, especially on large old individuals. Some examples are eastern mud turtles (kinosternon s. House your new pet alone or with other red-eared sliders. Banning the sale of small turtles doesn’t hurt anyone (except for people wanting to profit from selling them), and may prevent disease. Have a few questions i am hoping you can answer. These people will inevitably make horrible mistakes that can seriously endanger the well-being of their cherished red-eared slider. As pond turtles, red-eared sliders prefer to inhabit still bodies of water such as lakes and ponds. Romaine) can be fed sparingly. Res hatchlings are very difficult to sex. Red-eared slider's carapace looks like a bowl turned upside down while the painted turtle is flatter. She does not bask as much as she should. Antibiotic treatment is mandatory but may differ on which problem it has. When breeding the red eared slider it is important to understand they may lay anywhere from 2 to 20 eggs. *thursday* lunch: fruitdinner: streamed chicken. A male slider with a more aggressive and greedy personality may end up eating more food than their female partner and outgrow them in size. They spend most of their lives in a pond or an aquarium.   they are vulnerable however, when young, and may be predated by a variety of fauna in their native homelands such as raccoons, skunks, foxes and wading birds. At catching them for food, they ignore any fish they see. Thirty gallon tank with a uva/uvb lamp, filter, and water heater today. **gravel larger than they can swallow, allot larger. Males have a flat or concave plastron (bottom shell), and females have a flat or convex plastron, which allows more space for eggs. There is a wealth of information to be found and oodles of pictures. Red-eared sliders are semiaquatic turtles, preferring still, muddy bodies of water. Red-eared slider turtle underside photo: brendon o'rourke, nsw dpi. [43] numerous studies provide evidence that red-eared slider turtles can out-compete native turtles for food and nesting and basking sites. Albino red eared sliders are one of the few turtles that actually are hatched for gender by temperature. Empty stomachs will do no good for your turtle. Box turtles are absolutely not for beginners, nor are red foots, spider tortoises, or pancake tortoises. Cautioned vegetarian weight reduction meal plan. Noticed today that these parasites are eating his pellets, in turn my. A varied diet is essential to prevent thiamine poisoning, metabolic bone disease and eye problems. And a few more red eyed tree frog facts. 5mm pick, and with a special textured grip. In honor of world turtle day, i want to focus on the problems associated with the breed of turtle that i own: the red eared slider (latin name:. Have a sick little red eared slider. Health concerns: red eared sliders are prone to metabolic bone disease and vitamin a deficiency, as well as other health issues such as lethargy, swollen eyes and shell rot. It's a capable handset for sure and while no pricing information was forthcoming at this time, we figure it couldn't be pricier than entry level sliders in the market. The whois data for red eared slider secrets is public which is normally the best thing. Eats turtle pellets and i keep a calcium block and a medicated block in. The night glo bulb will provide nighttime warmth as well as light for nighttime viewing. * in order to find a suitable habitat, lay eggs or search for a mate, the red-eared slider turtle can wander approximately 9 km from the water. Also the width of the tail is. Affinity for eating the gravel on the floor of her tank. Anywhere where there is water, a red-eared slider can survive, usually. The three-month-old slider turtle - nicknamed michaelangelo - has now won hundreds of fans with his rare features and cute behaviour filmed earlier this month. Sliders are known to crush bird eggs in this way; they also have been known to eat the chicks. I'm also going to give you a basic summary of turtle care.   he is a red eared slider turtle. Coil fluorescents have the shortest lifespan of all uvb bulbs, and even though they may continue to produce visible light for years, the uvb they provide will only last about 3-4 months. This is when you need to check on the diet you are feeding your turtle. Boy and girl red-eared sliders have some sexual dimorphism and therefore look somewhat different -- though both sexes have the signature red markings close to their eyes. Trachemys scripta elegans - red-eared slider (stebbins 2003). The mating tank should be about 30 gallons big and fill it with room temperature water high enough that the red eared slider could mate but not deep enough that the female will be able to breathe. Sliders are strong, vigorous & may out-compete tank mates so take care to insure everyone eats well & nobody hogs the choice basking areas all the time. Baby red-eared sliders normally have voracious appetites. We have now used it for 3 weeks and believe us you will never see a better product than red eared slider secrets. The gases under the shell are caused by bacteria. A good mixture of commercial turtle or a few of them make sure you keep as pets were the; red eared slider. And before you know it your business can get the buzova live blog it needs. The introduced red-eared slider co-occurs with the western painted turtle in many areas of its range and may be confused with this species. Difference in size may indicate that the smaller turtle is/will be a. Recommended eradication and containment options include capture by hand or handheld nets and trapping using cathedral traps, or if conditions allow, opera traps, basking traps and landing nets. How much should i feed my red eared slider. Nevertheless i don’t believe you might ever want your money back due to the fact that red eared slider secrets is genuine beyond doubt. Those who already own red-eared sliders can keep them but they can't let them reproduce. Red eared sliders can not use the calcium nor digest dairy products like yoghurt, cheese and milk. Sara krentz 6 years ago from usa. I bought two red ear.   the we had 3 and one turtle just died one day and we. An egg cracked open in china and a two-headed turtle popped out. In captivity the average red eared sliders properly will help your tank. A female red eared slider. As its common name implies, the red-eared slider's most distinguishing characteristic is the bright, red-orange patch behind each eye.  domestically bred red ears are always recommended over their wild caught counterparts. Another critical point: you must provide adequate dietary calcium. Sliders, westerns, eastern’s, cooter’s , midland, painted, map, yellow bellied ,are all are basically the same and require the same basic care. Be clear of any type of growth, but these wispy white things have.