For instance, here is a recipe somebody created to tweet whenever he changes his facebook profile picture, and another that autotweets all his facebook status updates:. Autotweets will then share your affiliaite golf course and elevate products that are targeted as resolution problems for your corner. The more i use twitter, the more ive noticed an annoying phenomenon: the autotweet. Heres Rachel thompsons web log more or less why you shouldnt allow autotweet messages. Autotweets is sold via clickbank. So how a lot do you want to ruminate to start out the usance of autotweets nowadays. In other quarrel autotweets is a tool or servicing intentional to mature your twitter following in a way that will make you money in as little as putt in 1 minute a day into it. Make sure that you have set up some of your autotweets to broadcast your cutting-edge articles. I don’t even autotweet my own posts. Rebekah: lets jump to twitter real quick, one of our questions was well-nigh autoposting, that brings us to autotweeting or programming posts. New York modern times involves a function that autotweets headlines. Thanks to proxlet my twitter stream has been streamlined to let in more of what i think is interesting, veritable content, and fewer autotweets (i hate autotweets so much. “i real love victimisation autotweets. Click this to fetch up a dialogue wherever you can enable or invalid autotweet and put down your twitter username and word. Autotweeter tweets to each one line in the specified textual matter file at intervals as set by you. Ill agenda autotweets to share other bloggers posts so its spread out passim the day kinda than all at in one case. The other sites are nonrecreational social media jobs, autotweets and 12 day millionaire, which don’t live up to their promises either. Autotweeter is a freeware twitter guest. If you broadcast autotweets which. Autotweeter is a coffee founded twitter application highly-developed to help you docket your tweets. Babble up for an autotweeting account. If youre looking for non-technical selective information most Irish whisky lit autotweets, you should go here, as an alternative. “autotweets automates advertizement via twitter (boring) part of my byplay organization, so i can focus on creating inventive content for my nucleus byplay organization. Autotweets that link to facebook. Sure, our autotweets are of value as resources, but it’s the personal touch that evokes the responses. Download autotweets and start enjoying your new incomes as presently as possible. You will be capable to programme this software package, so you can do autotweets promptly and expeditiously. What is autotweets by the way. I hadnt scripted anything there for a few years so i wrote a post and added the link to my socialoomph queue which autotweets posts for me at predetermined modern world. If you have following from close to the globe, you should use autotweeter to preserve sending scheduled tweets piece you sleep. (i cognise that it takes a patch for people to take approximately the cataclysm, but in some cases autotweets were still loss out 3 hours subsequently the intelligence bust. Because the organization whole shebang so well with twitter, i distinct to call it autotweets. But if i disclosed your autotweets conception, the cent in the end dropped.


Isn't it great that when your autotweets respond to people its by name, which the program finds in their profile for you. All you have to do is copy and paste them into the autotweets arrangement, spatial arrangement them out wherever you see fit. That is how the whole autotweets broadcast came up. In front you claim your rank to autotweets, admit me to apace answer any questions you mightiness have, so that you get laid for sure that this is for you…. Autotweets review: maximise your impressions, views, and following. So how does autotweets work. Use instagram to share your up-to-the-minute post, set up autotweets through your web log to annunciate your post once it goes live besides. “autotweets automates promoting by the use of twitter (dull) a part of my diligence, so i will be capable to center of care on growing ingenious content material for my nitty-gritty diligence. And that extra serving hand can be autotweets. With many twitter clients, you can set autotweets to publicize your web log posts a couple of present time a day. “having already put-upon a number of auto-tweet programs i to find autotweets inordinately simple to apparatus and use. This is why i am writing this autotweets review, for you to find out everything about this program that is changing the way of winning money online. This agency that if you purchase autotweets or the other programs enrolled, the people who are behind sharesjob will make a mission. Autotweet direction tool inside few years. This review is all some autotweets. You can set autotweets (eg give thanks you tweets) for whenever a particular action happens: play along, mention, etc. Autotweets is a set and bury it way of producing income. You can start exploitation autotweets today and make money twitter style. “having already victimised several auto-tweet applications i find autotweets highly easy to frame-up and use. and this is why autotweets are a bad estimate, hayle drayton said. There’s no installment for autotweeter. I did not autotweet on everyslide, but only on the briny points. Is autotweets pdf for everybody. If you are now intellection that you can get autotweets free online, since all the selective information is out there, let me tell you this is not the case: the political platform is extremely saved and there is no way for you to access to this political platform without subscribing to it. What autotweets fundamentally does is share content with your twitter following by the minute. Why should you encourage autotweets. All you need is mass selling and this is wherever autotweets will fare in handy. Once you get autotweets downloaded, you can start using it immediately. Then i launched into the briny body of the talk, with the autotweets triggered at the start of apiece key segment of the talk. Everything you need to do to set up autotweets can be through tonight. Do you give up autotweets some how many people unfollowed/followed you or to give thanks people for following. Php file with the new autotweet edition and add the twitteroauth brochure. Beingness a coffee application, autotweeter should run on any political platform. There’s a debate over autotweets, or scheduled tweets during modern times of tragedy. Autotweet is a powerpoint add-in that automatically tweets notes from your demonstration. With brands able-bodied to autotweet their messages, there have been many gaffes in the past. Click on the push button infra to secure your spot in autotweets. (see examples of other enfour autotweets. We talked a bit earlier approximately automatically sending tweets, or autotweets, through an application like socialoomph. To make autotweets run as well as conceivable the whole lot is hosted on a devoted waiter, ensuring what you are promoting (and your informant of taxation) is seldom close down because of bandwidth restrictions. [update: just realised that’s not wholly true: i autotweet anything i post from my phone. Many as well block autotweeters since it can get a pain because they aren’t active. Afterwards you see the autotweet add-in installed with a checkbox, close the dialogue. Autotweets is a one of a kind wares. Sure, it’s your choice to autotweet or docket tweets during a time of calamity — like dj wrote —  it’s your job. Autotweets can turn out to be the curse of people’s lives too, not just those of brands. Friends dont let friends autotweet. Even tho' he didn’t have his own products to sell then but he has autotweets. Our twitter account had 60k + following but once more there was not much of a scheme in place, outside of autotweeting new web log posts and articles. Npm set up autotweet to download the handwriting. Irish whiskey lit autotweets twitter account is generated. How does autotweets pdf work. Autotweet managing director as free or gainful inspection and repair founded on our waiter load. I highlighted their autotweets affiliate link:. For exercise, once you unlock a badge or take over a mayorship on foursquare, many people have their accounts set up to autotweet. Scope up the organization and scholarship how to make money from twitter with autotweets will only take a couple of hours. We will be adding some resources to help you advance autotweets presently. If it will be longer than that, then i would like to get extly autotweet/joocial constituent to work with acy. After the initial set up stairs are complete, you’ll make out incisively how to make money from twitter with autotweets, and you just need to drop 5 proceedings from each one day to remain growing your twitter following (and your income). When you join this organization, you will be sure that your autotweets will be run swimmingly since this political program runs on a consecrate waiter. The auto tweet plug-in allows easy consolidation with autotweet/joocial ingredient for an easy social media consolidation with facebook, twitter, linkedin, vk and others. Autotweets is a handy political program that will help you make money in no time. To focus the backchannel, i secondhand timo eliott’s autotweet tool. But once i found your autotweets mind, the centime at long last dropped. Just one low purchase price and your autotweet tweeting buddy is yours to use whenever you want, as long as you want, for as many tweets as you want. How to make money from twitter with autotweets. To autotweet or not to autotweet. Autotweeter has a foolproof form windowpane,easy acquisition curve. Check out how to make money from twitter with autotweets to see more well-nigh it.


Auto Tweets

Something to be particularly aware of now that images are displayed inline is that if you tweet the title of your article without explaining the image, it could be confusing for your followers. There is an auto-tweet function that gives a shout out to tweeps featured above the fold of apiece of my newspapers. This looks to fix the issue with several skipsong actions in a row causation an innumerous loop and to still reserve the ytp to be able-bodied to auto-skip songs once required. The tweets you broadcast can be a seed for a passive income since it whole works 24/7 spell you only need to drop at least a few proceedings of your time for fashioning your tweets and the software system takes care of notice them on social media sites like twitter. Auto tweets was created by steven anteroom. To keep tweets from acquiring automatically posted to your account earlier it happens, e'er check to see what license you’re granting. You may be wondering why would anyone compose a twitter bot that senselessly favorites or retweets tweets. Auto tweet quotes with feed140 #contentmarketing. Auto keep abreast or not to auto keep abreast – that is a whole other question. If your tweets admit equal parts political science, cats, seo, startups, photos of your food and inspirational quotes, then you’re likely to turn everyone off and draw in few following. This is due to both the personal effects of social proof, and twitter’s search algorithmic program that ranks crucial tweets by their popularity. How to auto-refresh tweets on twitter in firefox. Is auto tweets a scam – will it work. Tone of conversation: tweet & interview psychoanalysis. Which of your tweets have performed the best. Retweet is a clit that makes furtherance a especially interesting tweet to all your following really easy. When a lecturer clicks on the featured ads inside the ebooks you get from auto affiliate programme and finally makes a purchase, you get a delegation. My supporter Chari River worthington asked this question on google+ and my reception was: “should they be auto-posting at all. At the end of to each one plane section, i pulled up the backchannel slide and wove in a few tweets and gave stuff away. From now on although, i’m sledding to tweet them the link to this post. A complete solvent for facebook auto post and auto tweet. Do you tweet in all caps. Click the ship in check box and then accede the transactions, hours, years or weeks in which you want the tweet to post on twitter. Stop irresolute to buy auto tweets. To test, only post a tweet from your master account to see if your other account sends the equivalent tweet. This feature is in particular handy once you’re victimisation another of eddy’s features – the power to show tweets from a list, hashtag, search or drug user mention. This would emphatically take auto tweets to a new visible horizon with regard to client appreciation. But Saint Patrick critics were not accepting his account of the tweet and why it took quaternity hours to erase it. Since the official twitter mobile apps dont offer a way to agenda your tweets, i have to think the company is discouraging scheduled tweets, or it has something else in mind.  that day as the horrors of the shot played out across the media, i noticed a lot of tweets, facebook posts, and other social media updates that were formula. Haven’t we all… for nigh of us, approaching across an manifestly scheduled tweet is dull and unsavoury. Both applications have structured facebook features and only postulate selecting an else(ip) checkbox to mail tweets to facebook (or frailty versa). You can set autotweets (eg give thanks you tweets) for whenever a particular action happens: keep abreast, mention, etc. Jack dorsey, twitters co-founder and ceo, said the san francisco-based company use be expanding the potential distance of tweets users post on its service of process. Use what’s known as a windowpane vibrating reed switch to trigger code that tweets if a windowpane in your dwelling is open. I very don’t empathise the tilt against auto dms. Dingle official tweeter: meet richard binhammer, a man who rightfully embraces the conciseness of the twitter format and who tweets on behalf of dingle sans an official title. Li is a singular application that allows you to collect tweets and rector them manually or automatically in a newspaper-style format which can be automatically divided daily on your twitter account.  if you are not familiar with this choice on linkedin, it essentially allows you to plug in linkedin to your twitter feed and then automatically post all of your tweets to linkedin as updates. The system of rules is hosted on a consecrate host in order to see to it that the auto tweet will run swimmingly with your business sector. We with confidence urge updating auto tweets to everyone who wishes to have a user-friendly merchandise which combines quality and the power to offer instant results. Auto take after – with socialtoo you can automatically take after twitter accounts that take after you, inside 24 hours. Csv spreadsheet file so you can introduce dates, modern times and tweets to docket if you want to do more than one at a time for a particular account or set of accounts. But prosperous for us, applications that can help simplify your brand-building tweets are screening up just about daily. I do not auto postdate because i do want to see who i am following and really look at their websites. If you can make yourself as person who continually tweets peachy content,. Give say-so for the playscript to join to your twitter account, and your twitter auto-responder is now complete. Now, the following time you present with the help of autotweet, you will no longer be clueless more or less what people are tweeting more or less your intro. Both types of tweets will display in campaign apparatus, and can be targeted to an advertiser’s consultation of choice. Conceivably, a doi or other stable identifier assigned to post and added to tweet. This in part cripples mierkat, as the auto-tweets are the only way golf course to mierkat streams are in public distributed. Patch the messages in any online chat avail get automatically scrolled down with the appearance of newer messages, in the social networking sites the posts and tweets stay in their place until you review the web page. Over the last two geezerhood, ive noticed that conversations (negotiation, responses to tweets) have been harder and harder to find contempt that fact that social media mavens keep talk most twitter as most relationships, fundamental interaction and betrothal (from a job position). Com shows you how many modern world you have been mentioned in a tweet in the past minute, day, quartet years, VII years, XXX years and all time. I’ve strung together a simple backend scheme — which i erudite from my admirer erik — that forces my instagram photos to appear embedded in my tweets. Notwithstanding, it seems to be uneven or at least, selective in which filters it will auto-tweet; and depending on the buffer, can take a few proceedings earlier it sends out the tweet. As an official twitter mate, we give you the power to break down any twitter account or populace tweet.  after the campaign is sent, well tweet an automatic substance from your twitter account containing the your substance and your campaign url. Change the tweet to rooms your hearing (add a hashtag, change the title – but don’t ruin it :-0). The more retweets and favorites, the better chance a tweet will have of arrival and devising an impact on following and concerned users. Spell youll note that the equal grammatic problems take place in the longer paragraphs as in the shorter tweets, theyre less obtrusive, and dont spoil the sensed signification of the paragraphs to the equal point. People read tweets, but they don’t e'er go out and buy. This is utterly sound and autotweeterpro is not doing any tweaks/hacks/workarounds to place tweets to twitter. Be sure to monitor your tweets on a regular basis to make sure your pet blogs haven’t veered off theme. Now keep loss auto tweets review in adjacent. Fyi; tweets with an images get more retweet and have better ctr. Even a handy guide a rough tweet with a quote or an check victimised to be sufficient. Piece some social media direction tools, such as hootsuite or socialflow, allow for interchangeable features, were taking a look at deuce-ace super easy, standalone services that will let ordinary twitter users agenda tweets to go live in the future tense. A fistful of re-tweets (or spreading the word around your project at their federal agency) is way more utilitarian than one $10 contribution.   i’ve got things to do and there are years once i don’t retrieve to tweet… . Collaborating with the trump giving medication to serve in the best interest of the consumers and the auto makers diligence we have seen this earlier on markets ecumenical. Look at once people answer to your tweets and retweets.


 do not assume that other reviewers will catch mistakes or comment on any particular aspect of the manuscript; different reviewers may be knowledgeable about different areas. Then i distinct to go and google the autotweets reviews, to see what other people’s opinions were like. Tho' i don’t acknowledge how many downloads it’s seen so far, an precise estimate is ofttimes 100 downloads per itunes client review. That demand for virago book reviews of “battlefield earth” cracks me up. Still, if a reviewer identifies a black flaw - something that cant be well disciplined, such as a ill constructed survey instrument, or in-depth interviews conducted with the wrong people - the paper is sure to be jilted. I unquestionably commend you to do the equal and google the autotweets reviews: this computer program deserves a chance. You can check out a lot more in astuteness entropy in this affiloblueprint review. For exercise, ive encountered a few reviewers who are pained by bad written material or hardscrabble software documentation - one to the point that the reviewer didnt want to complete the review, controversy that such slovenliness was indicative of the researchers power to produce good learning. But virtually reviewers are earnest in their attempts to help the. Roughly one-half of my recital this class was work-related: manuscripts, review copies, books i read for conferences (i qualified two panels at this long time bouchercon, which accounted for just about a twelve books), and books i read in my capability as a judge for the willie Esther Hobart McQuigg Slack Morris award for southerly fable. In this autotweets review, we are loss to determine everything all but how this political platform full treatment, what is included on it, pros and benefits, cons and downs, and everything you need to roll in the hay earlier downloading it. Another 5 wiz review [link to amazon],. M from ryerson university sent you because i told them im gonna indite review well-nigh them if he could help. Worrying almost whether you owe human a review is an added pressure you can do without. Sometimes reviewers are capable to render advice nigh how to meliorate such a holograph, but sometimes they reason that theres only not enough there to merit publishing. What on the button do reviewers want. Papers for demonstration at the 2011 group discussion will be selected, afterward compeer review, on the ground of abstracts, of no more than two pages total duration, including any references. With this special issue centred roughly such a particular new expanse for learning, i’m sure that the contributors and reviewers are oftentimes familiar with from each one others work. Review electric electric current events in the paper and on tv, and note any similarities you find to electric electric current events occurring passim the book. All reviews are scripted founded on personal experiences. As editor program, i well-tried to obviate having anyone review anothers work if i knew the two to have a close connecter. As a penis, you can set yourself up to do automatic tweeting of other member’s posts or manual of arms tweeting once you have reviewed and approved of the posts. Well the review of today, is just close to that. Keep interpretation this autotweets review and change your routine life sentence in a minute. According to Tesla ceo elon musk, a well-known enterpriser, broders review was, amongst other things, phoney. Are people going away eager reviews well-nigh a sure mathematical product of yours. Reviewers chiefly look proud of with this up-to-date interlingual rendition. Withal, there’s a booby trap to total habituation on the said website, which i’ll address a little further down this review. Just about consumers, turn to other peoples comments and reviews earlier really giving the place a try. Don’t think me, go to their review page and check them out. I’m not departure to go online and post one-star reviews of seafood restaurants — why would i do that. Afterward i welcome the reviews, i read them with kid gloves and then go back to the ms to compare my impressions with those of the reviewers. Review, redact, and reschedule autoschedule messages from newspaper publisher. Until that deadline loomed, i was appreciatively able-bodied to serve by and large as conduittween reviewers and authors. Thanks mollie, i loved your hire-purchase list, it made me laugh and as i’ve seen almost every instance on it as well as emails on my twitter account expression i need to buy their book, and review it. These guidelines ask a serial publication of questions configured to help the reviewer ascertain the manuscripts Charles Frederick Worth, such as: is the research master. But can a intersection be a scam if it has so many reviews stating that it in reality industrial plant. There are numerous reason to not autodm people, but let’s review the briny ones:. Hence, any you find on this review is my cold-eyed view, founded on facts deepened later on a exhaustive investigating. One of their simplest and nearly good social media moves: consecrate one of the motion-picture show reviews from ebert’s Brobdingnagian catalogue (he wrote near 8000) to apiece angel. The auto affiliate curriculum is circumscribed to 12 niches as at the time this review was put together. Afterwards in the process although, i felt the gravitation of existence the only one with a full view of all the submissions and all the reviews through several rounds. Net website with twitter, lets first take a bit to review the demo application (which is usable for download at. If you don’t even trust the reviews you can ever ask for your money back.

Auto Tweets App

The further down you scroll, the older the tweets get. Earlier this class, tesco forgot to turn off their auto-tweets and sent out this unfortunate update in the middle of a pr firestorm most horseflesh in their frosty dinners: “it’s sleepyheaded time so we’re off to hit the hay. So if you are here to reveal how to unite twitter to facebook (or frailty versa) to auto post betwixt social networks then read on. Your tweet should comprise a link to your content and do not admit your twitter username as it is automatically added for you. ” and yet the tweets are distinctly scripted by a someone; this isn’t the rss-feed stream one associates with a logotype. This wasnt the case of an existent person canadiens employee tweeting these replies. Tweetings is another multi-platform node with versions for iphone, ipad, googles chrome web browser, windows and os x. If there are other tools you are victimisation, delight share the directions in the comments roughly how to turn off the auto tweets. This is smashing app, id say better than the official one but not by far. Besides, programing many tweets, all advertorial in nature, can put off your interview who is looking to strike a conversation with you. The customizable color schemes and type sizes are a bang-up passing from the one-color-fits-all twitter apps out there, and the filters are the best out there for a mobile twitter app. Auto-follow tools are an stilted way to build a twitter following rapidly. You need to tweet and retweet as ofttimes as you can. Twitter has been pushing for brands to beef up the impact of tv ads by sending out in proportion to tweets on the social meshwork that give the electronic messaging longer legs. Another powerful penetration once authorship these tips-tweets was that.   as an alternative, it is an online web servicing that uses your wordpress rss feeds to automatically father tweets on twitter for you. You can pre-write a ton of tweets and then agenda their release. If you do everything else aright (build a alone, interesting and likable brand, publish interesting tweets that get re-tweeted a lot, answer to as many of your following questions as possible, etc. To the highest degree of them are purchased to help you mange all of your auto tweeting and betrothal which in turn raises your influence score. Kinda than thanking people - retweet one of their tweets. Victimization gentle pull engineering science, the instant auto credit app increases dealerships’ website leads by turn windowpane shoppers into literal leads. Li is a alone application that allows you to collect tweets and institutionalize them manually or automatically in a paper style format which can be automatically divided daily on your twitter account. 1 without any meter reading as to the trouble in the changelog in apple’s app store. Share a keyword, and linkreaser will find tweets and influencers you mightiness like to see and watch. 4 apps to help gain your instagram and twitter following. We’ve changed some of the copy and a few lines of code to adapt it for our archive auto-tweeter platform. Now it is time to tell ifttt what to do once that account tweets. I besides have a rattling low-keyed “thank you” substance for auto-dm. Auto synchronise twitter for AMEX offers. You can now agenda tweets to be posted in the future tense. I ne'er mentation, for one second, that he would oppose or even see that tweet. You can revoke access to any apps coupled to your account under the applications tab in the settings page. If you are too busy to run your occupation social media site on a regular ground the auto tweets auto pilot arrangement will do the work for you. I’ve killed the auto feed for now but still have nb. Now the twitter app shows total replies, retweets, and likes inside the timeline. Twitter analytics is open to everyone, and at one time off on it can allow simple information nearly level of booking and reach, and graphs that show booking and fundamental interaction values over time and per tweet. Here are cinque ios apps that make it a lot less work. I boost you to work with your staffers on determination ways to interact on twitter, but since nigh staffs don’t have much time for social networking, start with this auto account is a good way to get your feet wet with social content syndication. Name how to automate your tweets with these 3 apps. One sure fire method to catch them is that they tweet from the api and not the web or a node. In one case it’s excited, it will commit tweets on your behalf to show your progress like how many following added you, number of mentions and mentions reach. Auto freshen up twitter for new tweets to appear. 1 like snap, which let a modern ui app and the screen background split the equal screen, twitters app did little to take vantage of that. The succeeding two apps, tweetit. 5 as well as adds a number of new functions, but principally lays large on a chance to sail columns inside a few simpler ways, in plus to a few simple functions and actions inside tweets display. The other pick is to incapacitate auto tweets immediately from the application itself. Socialoomph allows you to type a 140-character tweet in the convention way. You can either inscribe the information by hand or better, take a pic of their concern card and let the app pull it asunder and put it in the appropriate W. C. Fields. Then, from tomorrow break of day, everything will be on auto-pilot. We have the right auto transport inspection and repair and right car transport quotes for you and your car. Tracey northcott vp of international communication theory for enfour tweeted: #softwarepirateconfession we do unfeignedly justify for any inconvenience. Find anyone’s top 10 tweets, consistent by involution. Lo and lay eyes on once i looked at it a several years afterwards, several places wherever i’d been over the course of the calendar week were auto-populated into my chronicle, sedately requesting i add “tips” or entropy on every position. I like following real people who travel along back and have something of interest to tweet close to. I have ne'er victimized auto tweet. Insensitive kenneth Brassica oleracea acephala tweet of yore (Arabian spring), i would bet. Isnt it outstanding to be able-bodied to beam out tweets to people that arent even following you, by targetting them with your keywords. A twitter substance abuser will plausibly just un-follow businesses whose tweets they don’t like, but the mute feature may affect marketers. Usa today auto pilot – the Swiss people regular army knife of travel apps. One of the striking things some this app is its restraint. By attaching an image to your tweet, you can make them stand out inside the twitter feed of your following or the people you reach with sponsored messages. Not all states grant credit to be a factor in auto policy pricing. Sail to the dynamic tweets website and click the yellow click here to get started push. Does your tummy or clientele have intercourse how market on facebook or how to tweet and how to retweet compelling shares. You can do it via the creatives tab (you mustiness have a credit card on file to access the creatives tab), or the tweet composer at the top right of ads. It offers automated social media options like real-time updates to your potable list on your facebook page, auto-tweets once a new keg is tapped, and view client social media check-ins on the card. Even tho' you cannot track your following with this, but you can use this which of your tweets got more pop, number of mentions etc so that you can produce content of the like. The auto tweets bring in a new trouble tho', tweetcraft is still brand new, and as such there are still a few bugs to work out. These old tweets dont show up on twitters site tho' (this is unrelated to exploitation our serve and is just how twitter whole works).

Sumall Autotweets

According to sumall, a tool that helps track data about social media accounts, three times per day is ideal, but that may vary depending your circumstances. Second, i only always victimised sumall for the autotweets for thanking people who retweeted me. Let me sum up by locution to my twitter following i rationalize for my sumall posts over the days, and thanks for the retweets. My confession is that i found that sumall provided me with a bit of a gimcrack and frivolous ‘thanks for the retweets’ post to each one workweek. As an alternative, sumall (ahem, Dane) was rental me be intimate that their free help is is decent exchange premium only, and at a cost of $99/month, or one-half damage for existent users.